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A shower that awakens the senses


Even seeing her take a shower, an activity altogether commonplace, we feel that this bitch brunette with a false air of innocent nasty ideas. She washes her body thin and smooth, then pulls on a string, a little skirt slut takes duvets and climbs to the attic … Up there, we understand why she was dolled up as well: her boyfriend is there and it is far from being the wisest of men! A little surprised by the arrival of his girlfriend dressed slut, he did not have time to say anything he sees before him kneel and suck it like a glutton. A member of the man was not prepared for such treatment but swells to great speed in this mischievous mouth that sucks and sucks. The type found new energy but can not settle for a cramped attic to let go! He takes his slutty chick and in the back room. There, as you say that his white string will not be short-lived, and her little crotch will not stay closed forever!

Date: April 22, 2020

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