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Blast from the Past: 3 doctors to nurse this nymphomaniac back to sexual health!


This blonde is in a consultation with this cute brunette doctor who just received her medical degree and looks very “healthy” to say the least. She puts on her latex gloves and stick her hand in the patient’s vagina. At the tip of her fingers she feels her patient shiver and moan from pleasure as the doctor moves around her five fingers in her twat. The patient almost falls in love et slightly kisses the doctor… At this time another doctor shows up and sticks his entire hand inside before offering her his cock. And yet another doctor shows up! This time this naughty consultation turns into an orgy with a patient looking to get better with all her orifices filled up with penises! She never has enough and even invites the brunette doctor to get fucked with her… She came to get better and made the entire clinic sick!

Date: March 29, 2020

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