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Formal meeting for two chicks getting wild


Two girlfriends meet at the university one of them for an evening movie. It’s their first night together outside of school and are very happy to be able to relax a little. Unfortunately for them, they praised the film’s a bit boring … Slowly, their spirit changes direction, pushing them to consider another way out of their evening. They approach each other and start kissing with amusement. Their pretty little bodies relax and warm up the ladies. They are flirting with both hands, raise their sweaters are feeling the breasts, tickling the nipples. The brunette spreads on the back and let the redhead take care of him licking pussy. Now well prepared, both looking for some naughty action. One of them pulls out a huge dildo that will surely satisfy. They ramonent sex with the pile, one helping the other and vice versa. Certainly, the two colleagues will remember their first date!

Date: March 4, 2020

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