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Simone dirty, never run out of ideas …


In medical circles, Simone is a real gem. Not content to deal with it right of her patients, she can not help but delight in making every day a miniskirt shorter than yesterday. Today, two patients are waiting on the sofa. Asking them to undress, Simone did the same and gets in a bra before they inspect the anus and testicles. As everything looks in order, removed her skirt and nice moves to the second stage of therapy. She wants to know how long these two cocks stand when she takes them in her mouth. Not for long, believe me! Because the bitch has the know-how and a voracious appetite cues. Both types have their cocks soon bloated, and ready to handle as it should be remarkable this nurse. Although she enjoys like crazy by getting fucked while having a cock in the mouth, Simone has a few naughty little fantasies to achieve. She leaves a nice dildo in his briefcase, and from there, god only knows what will happen to patients …

Date: April 21, 2020

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